We have a lot going on lately at HCB.  After the great feedback at the Chester County Brewfest, we put things into high gear.  So many people asked about t-shirts.  Our new style shirts will be available in August and they can be purchased directly on our website.  Also, it's that time of year again when we start planning for the fall.  That means the return of our PUMPKIN ALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We'll start brewing the pumpkin ale in early august so it has enough time to be ready for September.  We tweaked our recipe last year and it couldn't have been better.  This beer has proven to be a fan-favorite and it's also a lot of fun to brew!

We'll also be making a new English Mild.  Having sampled many different varieties of milds, we concocted our own recipe and will brew it in early fall.  Traditionally, an English Mild has a low hop character and is low in alcohol percentage.  It can have a toasty flavor / aroma and has a low level of carbonation.  We anticipate a great ale and are excited for this new creation. 

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Tomorrow is the big day!  Holy Crow Brewery will be pouring 2 beers at the Chester County Brewfest.  Initially, we were going to show off only our Amity Island Ale.  But, we decide to showcase our Saison as well!  This beer came out so good we have to share it.  Event time is 6PM.  Hope to see you there!
Tonight we're brewing a smoked hot pepper ale.  I know it sounds a little crazy but I've sampled beers like this and really enojyed them.  We designed our own recipe and are really excited about this beer.  We'll be using over 40% smoked malt in the mash!  This beer will have a mild hop profile but just enough to balance it out.  The pepper profile will be made up of chipotle peppers and a small amount of habaneros. 
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We've been very busy lately.  Our fermenters are full but soon to be processed to the next step.  We have 2 fermenters of Amity Island Ale.  Tonight, 1 is being kegged and 1 is going into bottles.  We also have a Citra IPA that is now on tap and ready for drinking.  There is also the Saison that was brewed on Wednesday night.  That is fermenting like crazy and should be able to be bottled within 10 days.  It's always a great feeling to know that you have no room to ferment at the present time...it says you've been busy brewing!  

Don't forget that we have the Chester County Brewfest coming up  on June 23rd.  We hope to see some old and new Holy Crow fans that night.  

Also, we just received our first shipment of t-shirts!  They are really sharp and will definitely be a big hit. 
Great news!  Holy Crow Brewery will be appearing at the Chester County Brewfest!  We'll be featuring our refreshing cream ale - Amity Island Ale.  Check out the description of this beer on our BEERS page.  The event will take place on June 23rd, 2012 6pm-10pm at:

Elks Lodge #853 
401 West Washington Street
West Chester, PA

We're very excited for patrons to sample some of our hand crafted ale and we always welcome feedback.  Hope to see you there!

We're working very hard to get our new website up and running.  We decided on a massive over-haul and are still adding content.  Feel free to drop us a line!